Student Success

Our school offers a level of training that gave many of our students the opportunity to compete and win top awards at the most prestigious international competitions. Many have gone on to find work with the world’s best ballet companies and dance in renowned onstage productions.

Our Graduates perform with major ballet companies around the world including:
Bolshoi Ballet, Monte Carlo, Budapest Opera Ballet, English National Ballet, etc

Tiffany Efimov

Born in the city of Toronto, now 12 years old, she began dancing at the age of three. Currently under the tutelage of Nadia Veselova Tencer for Ballet, Pointe, Character, Contemporary, Jazz and Lyrical, she has performed in various shows with the Academy. Efimov has danced solos which include: Princess Florine from Sleeping Beauty, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, a contemporary solo called Mood, Thumbelina from the ballet Thumbelina, an act three variation from Le Corsaire, Cupid variation from Don Quixote and Bacchante variation from Walpurgis night, as well as other dances.

Last summer, she participated in The Young Dancers Summer Workshop at American Ballet Theatre, and previously, recently took part in the five-week summer intensive at ABT where Efimov received the ABT National Training Scholar, as well as the Bender Foundation Scholar.

In 2017, she competed at the Youth America Grand Prix in Toronto and won the Hope award, and then proceeded to the NYC finals.

This year in 2018, Efimov competed at YAGP Toronto once again and received the 1st place award for Contemporary, and the 2nd place award for Classical, in the Junior Age Division.

Anastasia Miller

She began her dance training at the age of five at Academy of Ballet and Jazz. A devoted student from the start, Miller trained intensively throughout the years with Nadia Veselova Tencer, Vladimir Ivanov and Melody Ichimura, dancing leading roles in the school’s classical ballets.

In 2015, at the age of 14, she competed in the Youth America Grand Prix competition, earning the top award of Youth America Grand Prix, in Indianapolis, Indiana. In 2015, she was accepted into the acclaimed State Ballet School in Berlin, Germany, where Miller continued her rigorous training.

Knowing that the training she received close to home was on par with professional schools around the world, Miller chose to pick up her studies with Veselova Tencer as she neared the start of her professional career.

Competing again at Youth America Grand Prix and earning top awards in classical and contemporary in Toronto, Miller continues to thrive throughout her training as she works toward her bright future as a professional ballet dancer.

Irene Yang

Pre-professional ballet student with a background in competitive dance at award-winning Ontario studios. Yang’s intensive training at Academy of Ballet and Jazz began in 2014, under the instruction of Nadia Veselova Tencer, Vladimir Ivanov and Melody Ichimura. She has earned numerous high levels of recognition at the Youth America Grand Prix competition, including 1st place in both the classical and contemporary categories. This past season, she was selected as a candidate for the 46th Prix de Lausanne in Switzerland. Around 75 candidates from 30+ countries compete each year, with only about 20 making it to the finals. Yang made it to the finals as the only female Canadian, and one of top 5 in her age category. Her training at the Academy of Ballet and Jazz and her international recognition has put her on the path to a successful career in ballet.