“It looks like it’s my last year here at the Academy of Ballet and Jazz. As of this September I may continue my ballet training in Berlin. I’d like to use this opportunity to express my endless gratitude to Nadia for teaching me the art of dance, showing me its beauty and making it the essence of my life. I thank her for believing in me, no matter whether I am going through good days or bad. She has given me the foundation which will always hold me and keep me strong. We’ve done lots of hard work together this past year, which led to the outstanding teacher award for Nadia and my Youth Grand Prix at the YAGP in Indianapolis. I think we have a great student-teacher partnership! This year has been very eventful for me…but it’s not the end yet.  The work continues. At the coming summer recital  I will be performing the role of Odette in Swan

Lake. It’s an amazing opportunity, a challenging but poignantly beautiful role, and definitely something to look forward to!”

Anastasia Miller
Berlin Ballet

“If it had not been for Nadia’s eye for talent and Solomon’s helping hand, I definitely would not have been given such great opportunities after my time at the Academy. As a youngster, I was so inspired by their galas and then I discovered the beauty of training with Nadia. I used to come to the Academy and take secret classes to improve my technique and learn more about what my possibilities could be as a ballet dancer! I never thought then that I would one day meet these two wonderful people again by dancing in the ”Stars of the 21st Century Galas” all over the world! I am grateful for the strong training and intelligent guidance I received at the Academy and how many doors it opened for me. Solomon and Nadia are a part of the history of Ballet and still remain current with what is going on all over the world!”

All my love to you both. May the Academy continue to thrive.
Spasibo –

Evan McKie
Principal Dancer, The Stuttgart Ballet.
Recent Guest at The Paris Opera Ballet, Tokyo Ballet,
The National Ballet of Canada,
Ballet de Chile, Universal Ballet of South Korea.
Guest Contributor and Advisory Board Member at DANCE Magazine.

Congratulations on 25 successful years of Academy of Ballet and Jazz and with Stars of the 21st Century galas, both of which developed Canadian talent and put Canada on the World map for classical ballet. What an amazing accomplishment! I came to the Academy of Ballet and Jazz as an inflexible, long limbed 9 year old who wanted to dance classical ballet and travel the World to perform on international stages. Nadia and Solomon saw an ability in me of which I was unaware. They gave me the confidence and training to pursue my dreams. I spent most of my evenings with my Academy family and under Nadia’s watchful eyes. At the age of 14 and after much hard work I won a silver medal at the Moscow International Ballet Competition. A couple years later I won the Grand Prix at the Star of the 21st Century  competition. Thanks to Nadia and Solomon I had the wonderful and unique privilege of dancing in the Stars of the 21st Century galas in Panama City, Panama and Paris, France. I am forever grateful to them and to the Academy for their time, effort and constant belief in me. Their training has allowed me to develop my stage confidence, perform on international stages and travel the world. I wish you many more equally successful years! I wish I could have been home for  the wonderful celebration. Merde for the show, and see you all in August.”

Hugs xoxo

Alys Shee
Artist, Birmingham Royal Ballet, UK

“Only kind words can describe the emotional and companionate contributions Nadia Veselova-Tencer has made to all of her students, friends and acquaintances. Nadia has successfully created a way of connecting with her students that enhances their natural abilities. To have a teacher and mentor that wants you to be the best that you can be is the rarest gift that one can ever find. After a decade and a half of Nadia’s mentorship I have learned to live my life compassionately and with a kind heart. I trust that Nadia is going
to continue on her path of excellence and continue to surprise us with her amazing productions throughout the world. Vladimir Ivanov, is a man with honesty and integrity that wanted only the best for his students and always lead by example. His talent for describing
reality taught all of his students how to be precise and, consequently, proud of their work. His teachings on drama, make-up and classical technique showed us how our theatrical ballet lives could be and should be. Vladimir’s mentorship has contributed to the lives of all his students and I trust that all of his current and future pupils are going to enjoy his guidance as much as I have.”

Ian Szkolak
Soloist, Ballet Victoria, British Columbia

I started dancing with Nadia at Academy of Ballet and Jazz when it first
opened. I grew up in this amazing environment for almost 25 years and it
was a place I considered a second home.

Over the years, Nadia and Solomon provided their students with so many
incredible opportunities. Whether it was dancing with some of the best
dancers around the world in such productions as The Nutcracker and
Giselle, or helping them train for world prestigious competitions, everything
was executed to perfection with the results to prove it.

I first came to Academy of Ballet and Jazz recreationally, but then because
of Nadia’s gift of teaching, I fell in love with the art of ballet. I am so proud
to be apart of this school and have nothing but the utmost admiration for
everything they’ve accomplished through all their hard work and dedication.

I can never thank Nadia enough for her patience, guidance and most of all
love in helping make my dance dreams come true.”

Melissa Panetta
Former Dancer with The Georgia Ballet.
Soloist with Canadian Ballet Theatre.
Attended Professional Ballet Programs in Spain, Florida,USA and Louisville.USA

“Nadia and Solomon Tencer are true believers in your potential and strive to
help you be the best that you can be. I started with The Academy of Ballet
and Jazz at the age of four, and for over twenty years it has been my second
home. After dancing around the world with various companies and performing
in some of the most beautiful theaters, I always find myself coming back
to the studio and learning new ways to improve on my technique and quality
of dance. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to Nadia, Vladimir,
Natasha and all the teachers for the training and guidance I received at the
studio. Nadia is an incredible teacher and mentor and I am fortunate to have
had the opportunity to be under her influence over all these years. Ever since
I saw the “Stars of the 21st Century” gala for the first time it has been an
unimaginable dream to be a part of it and it was always Nadia who taught
me to have the courage and persistence to keep reaching for my dreams.
I am honoured to be performing later this year in the upcoming Gala in Paris.
I would not be where I am today as a dancer and as a person without the
benefit of Nadia’s knowledge, dedication and love.”

Sarah Clark
Soloist, Budapest Ballet

Being a professional dancer would have never been possible without the
strong foundation that I have received from the Academy of Ballet and Jazz.
This is a school which has not only taught me the classical syllabus, but has
taught me how to be a professional dancer and artist within a classical ballet
company. I will always be thankful for the opportunity that I have received
to learn from Nadia Veselova-Tencer, as she is not only a teacher of international
level with incredible knowledge, but a mentor who was always able
to find ways for me excel even when I did not think could. Every single time
I step on stage anywhere in the world I am truly thankful that I had the opportunity
to attend this school, and was able to learn from the incredible”
teachers there.

Evgeni Dokoukine

Ballet du Capitole, Toulouse, France

“Having the opportunity to attend the Academy of Ballet and Jazz is an incredible
privilege. My many years under the tutelage of Nadia have provided me
with an exceptionally refined understanding of the art of ballet. She is an incredibly
generous teacher which is a quality that I strive for when teaching my
own students. Recently I have been given the extraordinary opportunity to
showcase my choreography at the Stars of the 21st Century ballet gala in Paris
2014; something that I never would have imagined possible. I cannot begin to
express how grateful I am in having received the opportunity to present my
work at such a prestigious gala of such caliber and renown. Nadia and Solomon
have been incredibly encouraging throughout the entire process and I cannot
thank them enough. It is an immense honor. It is an immense honor.”

Melody Ichimura
Teacher & Choreographer,
Academy of Ballet & Jazz

“I am honoured and proud to have been part of such a wonderful studio for
the last 23 years as both a dancer and an instructor. Being raised as a dancer
under Nadia’s training was a gift that I have been able to pass on to my students
and one that I am eternally grateful for. Nadia has given me the strength,
skill and inspiration to be a stronger dancer/instructor and a better person.
You can be sure that when you walk through the doors at Academy of Ballet
and Jazz, you will receive training and attention that is beyond anything else.
Nadia and Solomon are like family to me and I’d like to extend my heartfelt
gratitude for all they have given me over the years, I would thank you from
the bottom of my heart but for you my heart has no bottom.”

Lori Marcantonio
Teacher & Choreographer, Academy of Ballet & Jazz

I have the fondest memories of my many years of studies under Nadia
Veselova-Tencer. I can remember even at a young age the effect that
Nadia had not only on me, but all her students. The attention, discipline
and caring she gave me and so many others is something that I will never
forget. Her guidance, for me, also definitely planted the seed for the love
of art, dance and especially the classics of Russian Ballet – and that is
something that I am greatly thankful for. Nadia not only was an extraordinary
teacher of technique and artistry, she also passed on to me the
pride and honor of tradition that one should feel for practicing this craft.
So, on behalf of me and so many of your students – thank you Nadia for
everything you have given us to make us the dancers and people that we
are today. You are much loved!”

Ursula Szkolak
Pincipal dancer with Canadian Pacific Ballet

“Thank you for many years of fun and friendship, and hoping for many
more.Congratulations on 25 years of Academy of Ballet & Jazz!
Thank you for allowing me to be part of it.”

Vladimir Ivanov
Teacher, Academy of Ballet & Jazz
Choreographer in residence, Canadian Ballet Theatre