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Academy of Ballet and Jazz – School of Canadian Ballet Theatre

About Our Dance School in Toronto

  Studio A Studio B
4:30 PM Prelim Ballet I Int. Adv. Ballet
5:30 PM Prelim Ballet II Pointe Variation
6:30 PM  Prelim Ballet III Ballet II
7:30 PM Pointe I Ballet IV
8:30 PM Pointe I-II Contemporary Ballet
  Studio A Studio B
4:30 PM Jr.Ballet 5-6 Jazz II 8-10
5:30 PM Prelim Ballet IV Jazz II 10-12
6:30 PM Ballet I ACRO
7:30 PM Adv. Ballet Character Dance II
8:30 PM Pointe Variation Adult Ballet
  Studio A Studio B
4:30 PM Ballet IV  
5:30 PM Ballet III Jazz I 8-10
6:30 PM Pointe II-III Jazz II 10-12
7:30 PM Adv Ballet Jazz 14-16 Teens
8:30 PM Pointe Variation Lyrical 14-16 Teens
  Studio A Studio B
4:30 PM Int. Adv. Ballet  Musical Theatre 9-12
5:30 PM Pointe Variation Ballet II
6:30 PM Character Int. Adv Pointe I-II
7:30 PM Ballet IV Int Ballet III
8:30 PM Contemporary Ballet Modern
  Studio A Studio B
4:30 PM Prelim Ballet III Canadian Ballet Theatre Rehearsal
5:30 PM Ballet IV Int. Prelim Ballet I-II
6:30 PM Pointe III-IV Prelim Ballet IV
7:30 PM Int. Adv. Ballet Ballet I
8:30 PM Pointe Variation Canadian Ballet Theatre Rehearsal
  Studio A Studio B
9:30 AM Creative Prelim. Ballet Prelim Ballet III
10:30 AM Jr.Ballet Prelim Ballet IV
11:30 AM Prelim Ballet I Ballet I
12:30 AM Prelim Ballet II Character Dance I
1:30 AM Jazz Teens Jr. Jazz 6-8
2:30 PM Lyrical Teens Jazz II-III 8-10
3:30 PM Jazz Int. Teens Ballet III
4:30 PM Lyrical Int Adv. Pointe II-III
Here we teach the technique of classical ballet and folk traditions of national cultures. This could be Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Spanish and others. Students will develop their expression through movement and gain an understanding of the colourful traditions and heritage.

Age: 6+ All levels
With its origins in American music developed from ragtime and blues, Jazz is one of the most popular and energetic forms of dance. Jazz, which is characterised by its syncopated rhythms and improvisation, offers dance students a challenging and demanding training.

With its roots in early American Jazz, Tap dancing is a fun, yet demanding, dance form for all ages. Known as music for your feet, tap is a lively way to exercise, develop a fine sense of rhythm and improve coordination.

This is a high energy movement style with roots in Rap, Jazz and Street/Break Dancing.

This is a highly emotional style of dance. Here, we explore its principles of fall and recovery, breath rhythms, expressiveness, and emotion. Also, we look at strong technical exercises of the Limon/Cunningham styles.

Lyrical dance fuses modern dance, jazz, and ballet. This style of dance focuses on conveying the emotion of a song’s lyrics through dance. Intense emotional expression of the face and body are what tell the story that evolves along the lines of the song to which lyrical dance is performed.


Musical theatre, more commonly known as a “musical”, is a performance which combines singing, spoken dialogue, acting, and dancing. Although the genre overlaps with other theatrical forms such as opera, it differs by giving equal importance to the music as compared with the dialogue, movement and other elements.


Acro dance is a style that combines classical dance technique and acrobatics. This intriguing form of dance dates back to the early 1900s vaudeville acts performed in United States and Canada. Acro is an especially challenging dance style that requires not only dance training, but also acrobatic skills.

Registration for 2023 ballet classes in Toronto

Please call or visit the school on between 9 AM – 4 PM. Register your kids into our 2019-2020 program


34 Doncaster Ave,
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